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BCS Overland Park News -Leawood Kansas Firm Announces Changes to Their Software

Last year, BCS in Leawood, KS (near Overland Park) upgraded their resources by adding One Source iSell to their mix.  Now One Source has made significant changes to their software suite, making it an even better resource for the Overland Park area firm’s clients.  One Source is now Avention.


Avention has added CRUSH reports.  These reports may become particularly valuable to the job seeker because of the depth of information leading to corporate decision makers.  By reaching these decision makers, and through the implementation of a strategically designed targeted marketing campaign, the job seeker can not only land a job faster, but can very likely find a better match for their skills and preferred work environments.  BCS does not yet have access to these reports, however they may be made available in the future as a Premium Upgrade to their existing service later this year.


BCS and their clients will transition to the newer Avention later this year.  The new software has thousands of data points that can be applied to companies.  The marketplace of information often used by sales professionals also distinctively fits the needs of job hunters.


The Leawood Kansas location for BCS provides free access to every client.  Clients who remain active in job search can use the software for the purpose of job search.


BCS is located in Leawood Kansas (near Overland Park).  To learn more about BCS, visit their website at http://www.BCSKansas.com.


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You can also forward your professional profile along with your resume to BCS via their BCS Kansas website.

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BCS Overland Park Reports on the 2014 Jobs Outlook for Executives

BCS Overland Park Reports on the 2014 Jobs Outlook for Executives

Over the weekend Morning Star (Robert Johnson) reported that the labor markets remain tighter than most people might think.  Openings have been on the rise, but the available work force is shrinking.  Does this make it a “buyer’s market” for the job seeker?  Not so, according to BCS.

“The chief culprit of the tight labor market is a skills mismatch.  The need to demonstrate transferable skills has never been more important,” according to BCS of Overland Park, Kansas.

Reading the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) there has been a rise in the number of adjusted private job openings.  The BLS report shows that the number of unemployed workers per job opening has been on the decline since 2010, getting closer to pre-recession (2008) statistics.

So where are the jobs?  According to BCS the job seekers that follow a well-designed, aggressive marketing plan that includes multiple avenues of search works best.  They find that their clients are landing jobs by demonstrating a skills match through their marketing efforts; and by increasing the job seekers network of potential employers.

“Finding a higher level position through the traditional channels of online job boards is very difficult for top talent, as the best jobs are often not advertised, or are created for the job seeker before they are ever made available through any traditional channels,” according to BCS Overland Park spokesperson.

The bottom line seems to be that although the market is opening up; but unless you can expand your existing network, locate the better jobs, and demonstrate your abilities, finding a job in this market is still a challenge.

To learn more about BCS Overland Park Kansas, go to their website www.BCSKansas.com.








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BCS in Overland Park Adds New Offering

BCS in Overland Park says one of the biggest complaints job seekers have is that they don’t feel like their resumes are getting noticed.  BCS in Overland Park Kansas feels that their new service will put an end to those concerns.  BCS is adding web portfolios to their arsenal of tools to help their clients reach out to employers and get noticed.


See the full article about complaints that resumes don’t get noticed at Overland Park’s BCS news site:  www.bcskansasnews.com


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BCS Kansas Inquiry

BCS Overland Park, KS – Continued Positive Outlook For Executive Jobs

http://www.bcskansas.com [BCS of Overland Park] Kansas says they are continuing to see an improvement in the job market for the first half 2010.

According to BCS the Overland Park, KS career firm, the results for executive career transition for through July of this year have surpassed 2009.  They are experiencing a 12% increase in job placement statistics for their clients when compared to the same period in 2009.  “We are actually outpacing the past several years.”

A spokesperson for the firm said that the leading industries for their clients are manufacturing, government and finance, followed by agriculture, non-profit, and healthcare.

According to BCS Overland Park complaints that the job boards are not producing results still abound.  According to BCS the majority of their clients are landing jobs through established relationships.

BCS did make clear that these results only reflect the outcome of job seekers who have received professional assistance in their search, and may not reflect the results for all job seekers.

BCS located in Overland Park KS, is a regionally based professional career organization with a nationwide outreach.  They focus career search for executives, managers, and professionals in career transition.  For more information about BCS contact them via their website at www.bcskansas.com

BCS Overland Park KS

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